Facilitating positive career and life change for individuals in mid life.
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Midlife Coaching Programme

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind."

Midlife Coaching Programme


In midlife you have a wealth of experience and life skills that can help you achieve your goals if applied correctly and, as a professionally trained coach, I am committed to help you unlock that potential. Whatever your situation, whether you have a young family, children going to university, or have paid off your mortgage and don’t want to do anything, I am equipped with a vast toolkit of techniques and activities to support the coaching process. By creating a trusting environment, I can be that someone who can give you the confidence to take action and provide the right support to enable you to find your own answers and develop your choices.

My Midlife Coaching Programme is geared towards anyone facing midlife and I am passionate about helping people somewhere between the age of 35 and 60 who need my expertise and support to guide them towards a more fulfilling life.

As an experienced and qualified coach, with a successful track record in this field, I can help you to focus and decide on what you want out of your life.  I will challenge any self-limiting beliefs and negative stereotypes and encourage you to listen to your internal voice instead of worrying about what others will think of you.  In short I can help you to make significant changes to your home, family and work lives to turn your midlife challenge into a midlife opportunity!

My coaching skills can help you to view your life from different perspectives in order to give you a more holistic view of your position and potential.  I can see a different perspective on your life – I can remain detached but still be highly motivated to help you achieve your goals. 

Through my coaching techniques you will discover hidden depths you didn’t know you had and I will challenge you to think and go beyond the places you ordinarily may have stopped.


Are feeling stuck in a rut

have ambitions for the future but lack the confidence or commitment to achieve them.

Have succeeded in your chosen profession

after many years of hard slog, only to find that you don’t much like the view from the top and want to feel more fulfilled generally

Are suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome

and have more time, energy and a whole lot of life experience, wisdom etc. going spare.

Have spent years looking after everybody else

perhaps putting your career on hold; and are feeling that now is the time for you.

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Linda has a very sensitive, caring and sincere approach to coaching.  She is highly respectful and builds rapport through understanding and empathy.  At the same time she has the knack of asking that thought provoking question simmering beneath the discussion exposing the ‘elephant in the room’ so encouraging me to challenge myself to address obstacles I would otherwise have ignored – or hoped (in vain) that she hadn’t spotted!  Linda’s humility, gentle approach and self-effacing humour made the coaching process feel supportive an engaging.  I found our sessions very enjoyable and productive in moving me forward in key areas.  Thank you!

L.S. – Leeds,