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"Some people dream of success, others stay awake and achieve it"


Linda enabled me to clarify exactly where I am at and see where I personally and professionally wanted to be.  She guided me through this process with professionalism and sensitivity and at times gave me the push I needed to stay focused. The process built my confidence by making me aware of my skills, knowledge and expertise and helped me attach a true value to my years of experience.  Linda has what is needed to assist you to firm up your goals and aim high but in a manageable way. She has helped me challenge myself in a way I would not have done without her positive and thought provoking guidance. I now have confidence that I will achieve all I set out to do with her assertive, caring but focused attention.

P.D. – Liverpool,
Social Worker


I have found my coaching sessions with Linda to be interesting, stimulating and on occasions very challenging. The sessions have enabled me to explore and set relevant goals in the context of the priority areas I wanted to move forward on.  Over the period of eleven sessions Linda worked with me on a number of different topics and helped me sort out what was relevant to my situation without being judgmental or overpowering. I felt that I was able to achieve some good outcomes at a pace which is sustainable whilst enabling me to go outside my comfort zone on occasions.

C.C. – Cheltenham,
Social Worker

Linda has a very sensitive, caring and sincere approach to coaching.  She is highly respectful and builds rapport through understanding and empathy.  At the same time she has the knack of asking that thought provoking question simmering beneath the discussion exposing the ‘elephant in the room’ so encouraging me to challenge myself to address obstacles I would otherwise have ignored – or hoped (in vain) that she hadn’t spotted!  Linda’s humility, gentle approach and self-effacing humour made the coaching process feel supportive an engaging.  I found our sessions very enjoyable and productive in moving me forward in key areas.  Thank you!

L.S. – Leeds,

Linda raised my awareness of the reasons why I feel passionate about achieving my goal and the implications that this holds for my present situation and future life plans. Her personable manner made it possible for me to express my thoughts and feelings in a supportive, empathetic, yet also challenging environment. She is a good listener and her well-timed and well-judged questions enabled me to reflect more deeply, visualise future outcomes and set in motion some practical strategies and actions to bring me closer to my main goal. This has increased my overall confidence and helped me to  maintain a positive and productive attitude, even when facing unexpected difficulties. Linda’s highly organised, communicative and intuitive approach made it easy to establish strong rapport and trust within a very  purposeful and professionally undertaken coaching relationship.  My sessions with Linda succeeded in keeping me “on track” and were a steady source of motivation and encouragement. Thanks Linda!

L.C. – Jersey,

Linda is a thoughtful, patient, and incredible coach.  I had a good experience working with her as she supported me in achieving my goals.  She was supportive and professional in guiding me to focus on the issues that I need to act on to move forward in my development. The weekly sessions have enabled me to explore the goals I set for myself, work on the targets I agreed to complete and reflect on the actions taken to complete my goals.  Working with Linda was as enjoyable as it was helpful.  She is perceptive, insightful and easy to build a rapport with and a skilled coach.  She helped me gain clarity on my goals and create a plan to achieve them.

J.A. – London,

Linda demonstrated a great deal of empathy and compassion.  It was easy to talk to her as she had worked hard to ensure that good rapport and trust had been built up in the early stages.  She helped me consider how I could deal with some pretty emotive issues.  Her good use of questioning made me reflect on my feelings and come up with ideas on how I could move things forward, encouraging me to explore alternative options to the ones that had proved unsuccessful in the past.  She held me accountable for carrying out my actions and this motivated me to make the changes I needed to.  Linda you are a great coach.  Thank you so much for all the support you have given me.

D.C. – Hertfordshire,

Linda was recommended by a friend who had received coaching support from her. I met with her at a point in my life where I needed to reconsider my career and what I wanted out of it. Linda was really approachable and easy to talk to. She listened to my needs, and offered practical advice and help on rewriting a new CV, as well as developing interview technique. I am grateful to Linda for helping me to recognise my skills and for building my confidence in myself again. Linda is a great mentor and coach who I would recommend to anybody who feels they have lost their way in their careers or maybe feel they need a fresh start. She will help you find your strengths and weaknesses, and teach you to believe in yourself again.

C.B. – Liverpool,
Community Fundraiser, Marie Curie


Linda, I absolutely love what you have done to my C.V., it looks and sounds incredible!  Thank you so much, I don’t think I could have done it so well.  I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

J.B. – Liverpool,
Retail Manager

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for my new CV.  I am so grateful! This is just what I needed and outlines all of my skills beautifully! This will help me so much in my future job hunt.

M.H. – Liverpool,
John Moore’s University

I had an out of date CV which did not conform to current standards or levels of quality. I asked Linda to work with me to improve the quality and information contained in the document. It is a two way process and Linda and I worked together to put a CV together.  I had a first interview with a Fortune 500 company recently and the quality and detail in the CV was described as excellent.  I couldn’t ask for more!

L.A. – Liverpool,
Computer Science Transition Executive

I can highly recommend Linda, she wrote my CV so well I actually wanted to meet myself!!!

R.P. – Merseyside,
Retired Police Officer

I am a police officer facing retirement and asked Linda to complete a CV for me. It really highlighted my personal skills and qualities that are often overlooked. It was professional, structured and above all, confidence-boosting.  I am looking forward to sharing it!

P.M. – Merseyside,
Serving Police Officer

On approaching my retirement after nearly thirty years police service, I approached Linda for some advice regarding the way forward relating to career advice and general assistance.  She was able to provide me with a C.V which exceeded my expectations.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda to anyone looking for career advice and guidance.

K.B. – Merseyside,
Retired Police Officer


I have had the pleasure of attending several courses led by Linda. In all cases she was very knowledgeable about the subject, enhancing her credibility. Her delivery style was excellent; she facilitated discussion among the group and gave everyone every opportunity to share our views and contribute. The outcome was that the courses were particularly memorable and enjoyable for me, and I am better equipped to perform my role.

Strategic Analysist

I found Linda to be an exceptional trainer. I was able to learn new skills that were explained to me clearly and in a professional, knowledgeable, and expertly manner and her work in relation to personal development and mentoring is also of an exceptional standard. Linda has excellent communication and individual development skills to assist people in their chosen aspects of careers and life choices.

R.P. – Liverpool,
Director HARL Training & Consultancy

I would highly recommend Linda as a trainer, she took me on many courses in my bid to get promoted, including both management, resourcing and welfare training. She was courteous, knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend her teaching style. I got promoted on my first application and Linda played a large role in this. Thank you.

M.H. – Merseyside,

I worked with Linda for a number of years and have always found her professional, intelligent and flexible. Linda listens and responds to individual needs and her coaching skills are first rate.

T.F – Merseyside,
Head of Learning Services

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